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Volume I, Issue No.8 JULY 12, 1995

-PCI bus and Features -

Jointly developed by Intel and other industry leaders, PCIis designed for current and next-generation PCs.

PCI picks up where today's bus architecture leaves off, providinggreater system performance via a wider data path and increasedexpandability.

The 82430FX PCIset Product Brief presents the features of the"Triton" chipset.

The 82430FX PCIset Product Overview provides a brief technicaloverview of the 82437FX Triton System Controller, the 82438FXTriton Data Path (TDP), and the 82371FB PCI ISA IDE Xcelerator(PIIX) chips.

The 82430FX PCIset enables the full potential of Pentium®processor-based PC's

The 82430FX PCIset architecture enables new levels of performance

Optimized architecture includes features such as pipelining, databuffering and smart refresh

Supports new memory technologies such as EDO DRAMs and pipelinedburst SRAMs

Supports 75/90/100 MHz Pentium processors and future proliferations

Optimized for Pentium processor and multimedia applications

Greater than 100 MB/s PCI data streaming enables Native SignalProcessing (NSP) on Pentium processors

Integrated 22 MB/s bus master IDE controller

Integrated Plug and Play port

Copyright (C) 1995 Intel Corporation Trademark information

Additional information about the PCI bus can be obtainedby calling Intel at 1-800-433-5177.

AMD Announces World's Fastest 486 Device-120-MHz

Advanced Micro Devices announces the availability of enhancedmembers of its Am486® microprocessor family, including a120-MHz version, the industry's highest performance 486 device.

Personal computers powered by AMD's 120-MHz 486 microprocessoroffer performance equivalent to or greater than similarly configured75-MHz Pentium systems at a lower overall system cost. AMD's new,enhanced 486 products are optimized for the energy-efficient desktopand portable personal computer market segments.

Enhanced AMD 486 Product Features

The new clock-tripled, Microsoft® Windows® compatibleprocessors feature writeback cache memory and 2-pin, industry-standardSystem Management Mode (SMM). The enhanced Am486 devices supportthe Windows 95 operating system. "AMD's high performanceAm486s, combined with Windows 95, provide a powerful combinationfor any user," said Carl Stork, director, Windows HardwareProgram, Microsoft Corporation.

Members of AMD's enhanced 486 microprocessor family include the"stop-clock/auto halt" feature that allows all CPU activityto be halted, reducing power consumption by more than 3 watts.These power-saving features allow high-speed microprocessors tobe accommodated in today's portable systems without excessivebattery drain.

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