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Volume I, Issue No.6 JULY 8, 1995


Version 1.2 BETA, Now Available On InterNet-Among The FirstBrowsers To Integrate Windows 95 Features

Netscape Navigator 1.2 for Windows 95 builds on the success ofthe original Netscape Navigator, which currently accounts formore than 75 percent of browser traffic on the InterNet, accordingto statistics from popular Web sites. Netscape Navigator now availableon the InterNet is a public beta version, enabling users to providefeedback on the software's features and functionality for Win95.Netscape Navigator 1.2 also runs with Microsoft Windows 3.1, preparingusers to upgrade to Win95. As with the 1.1 release, Netscape willplace the final version of Netscape Navigator 1.2 - due outin September - on the InterNet for free downloading.

Netscape Navigator is a powerful commercial browser offering high-performanceand secure point-and-click network navigation. It is optimizedto run smoothly over 14.4 kilobit/second modems as well as higherbandwidth lines, delivering performance up to ten times fasterthan other InterNet browsers. Netscape Navigator provides a commonfeature set and graphical user interface across computers runningthe Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, or X Window System operatingenvironments.

The final version of Netscape Navigator 1.2 will includenew features such as:

Win95 interface support including:

Drag-and-drop URLs

Win95 support for native dialog boxes -"Save" and "Print"

Win95 feature integration including InterNet Shortcuts, whichenable users to create icons to represent InterNet URLs. Whena shortcut is double-clicked, Netscape Navigator launches to displaythe URL.

Shortcuts can be placed on the desktop or inside foldersand directories, or can be embedded as mail objects.

Enhanced Bookmarks interface provides drag and drop capabilitieswithin a hierarchical folder-based interface. The interface willmake it even easier for users to create and maintain a directoryof their favorite InterNet sites.

New interface for FTP downloads that provides increased feedbackto users.

The beta version of Netscape Navigator 1.2, available for MicrosoftWindows 95 and Windows 3.1, can be obtained via anonymous FTPfrom Users who download the software doso for evaluation use only. When the final release is available,users can purchase supported, licensed copies of Netscape Navigatordirectly from Netscape Communications or from a Netscape authorizedreseller. Pricing starts at $39 per user, which includes a 90-daywarranty and customer support. Volume discounts are availablefor multiple user licenses. Users who have purchased NetscapeNavigator 1.1 or Netscape Navigator Personal Edition within thelast 90 days are automatically licensed for full use of the 1.2update, and can download it from the InterNet when the final versionbecomes available.

Find out more about Netscape at, or call415/528-2555. Copyright & copy; 1995 Netscape CommunicationsCorporation

Release notes for this version of the Netscape Navigator are availableonline. After starting the program, select "Release Notes"from the "Help" menu. This will take you to the URL lists new features and known problems of this release.To submit bugs or other feedback, use the "How To Give Feedback"option, also in the "Help" menu, which will take youto the URL

See full article on HAL-PC BBS for detailed installationinstructions-NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR.

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