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Volume I, Issue No.4 June 28, 1995 
_PC Specs._Basic System Necessities_  System#           
BUS VLB VLB/PCI PCI 486 DX 33 486 DX4-100
Pentium 100 MHzCPU Intel AMD Intel RAM Memory & Hard Drive capacity, respectively 8 megs 8 / 16 megs 16 megs 540 HD 1.2 Gig. 1.2 Gig
Video_ Graphics accelerator card memory capacity 1 meg 2 / 4 megs. 4 megs & up
Floppy drives 3.5 & 5.25 drives
Monitor  vertical measurement  14 inch        15 / 17 inch               17 / 21 inch  Beyond the basics  
CD ROM Drives _ speed of drive      2x         4x        4x / 6x  
MultiMedia Telephony cards_fax/modem voice mail , all FM synthesis. ACE 5000 by Best Data Currently 14.4, DSP, softwareupgradeable. Boca Sound Expression 14.4 Great card if you get it towork! FM synthesis. Will accept wavetable upgrade. Phone Blaster by Creative Labs 14.4 upgradeable to 28.8! FM synthesis. Will accept wavetable upgrade.
Wave Table Sound cards  Turtle Beach:  Montery_Excellent  midi, Windows only!  Tropez_ Does it all!  717-767-0200  Roland:  Roland RAP-10 or Sound Canvas midi sound card.  
Speakers _Listen before you leap!  Altec Lansing_ Best value & quality! Get the ACS-300,three-way amplified speakers with a subwoofer. 800-258-3288    Acoustic Research Powered Partners #570. Best high-end PCsound, excellent performance, higher price!    Bose RoomMates_expensive!  
Personal Scanners & OCR  Plustek: Page Reader 800  Delrina: WinFax Scanner  Visioneer  Umax    Optical 
Character Recognition:  Caerre: Omni Page Pro  Xerox: TextBridge  Calera: WordScan Plus  Upcoming 
Topics:  Computer Select CD by Ziff-DavisPhone Blaster by Creative Labs Plustek: Page Reader 800Delrina: WinFax ScannerWebbing on the InterNet

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