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Building & Buying a PC

Volume I, Issue No.1 June 21, 1995


Computers-- Technology moves on!

Anyone need a new PC? What do you call new? Ready to build thebest? Define the best? All questions are relevant to a given situationbased on certain criteria. As Microsoft says, "Where Do YouWant To Go?" From our perspective, we might ask, "HowDo We Plan On Getting There? (Where ever there is.)

Building , buying and upgrading a PC can be a rewarding experience,once you know how.

Get the biggest & fastest machine you can afford. Why? Programsare getting more robust. They require more memory, hard drivespace and more processing power.

Buy only what you need to get started. Buy a PC with upgradeability.Our choices seem limited at times, since PC specs. are changingso rapidly.

Make a list of your needs & wants. What you want may not bewhat you need!

Make a list of the essentials.

Make a wish list of the "Bells and Whistles". All thatfun stuff, like a CD Rom drive, a sound card or a fax / modem.Depending on what you plan on using your PC for will determinethis "Need vs. Want".

Plan your budget. Prices are always changing. Some up, some downand some specs change before your ready to make that special purchase.Yes, the longer you wait the better the hardware will be at abetter price. However, if you plan on doing something with a PC,then get ready to make the plunge!

Get the facts! Talk to experts in their field and to your friendsbefore spending any of your hard earned money.

Above all else, Keep It Simple! And have fun. The specs can betedious, but you'll be glad you did your homework.

Latest News Flash: The (VLB) Vesa Local Bus is dead. All new systemswill be supporting the PCI bus by the end of August. Many majorretailers will still have VLB bus systems on hand due to currentstock. This may be a good time to pickup on a good deal! Watchyour specs. while you watch your pocket book!

Excellent deal: AMD 486 DX-4 100 CPU prices are falling.Cost should be below $100.00 before the end of this year, 1995!

Memory: More the better. Suggest 16 megs of ram on onesimm board. Note: Pentium owners: Use 60 ns ram or fasterram, 70 ns ram chips are not fast enough on Pentium machines.

Best 586 chip: Intel Pentium 100 MHz CPU, best price. IntelPentium 120 MHz CPU still too expensive. Yes, the Intel Pentium133 & 150 MHz CPU's are coming soon to a neighborhood nearyou!

Anyone ready for a RISC chip? Too "RISCY"! RISC is thefuture, not now, later.



The first cyberspace release of an entire album, The Individualist,full length and unedited, can be found in Todd Rundgren's recentlyopened Music In(tr)Action Forum. The first album ever to be releasedsolely on the CD+ format

Total download time--approximately seven hours will vary dependingon modem speed. To access, CompuServe members type GO INDIVIDUALIST.

For a free introductory CompuServe membership, call 800-524-3388and ask for representative number 664, or access CompuServe'shome page on the World Wide Web (

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