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Antec True Power 430 watt Power Supply:

images/bullet2.gifNews Flash: Power Supplies - Antec True Power 430 watt Power Supplies - Be Careful! OF only 3 used. First Antec True Power 430 works great! Number 2 Smoked after it sparked! And number 3, Antec True Power 430 watt Power Supply - Fan's power up but tester does not indicate a green light. Gun shy? You bet! We'll let you know the outcome of this situation after we hear from Antec. Antec was not available for comment @ the time of this posting (CST 4:47 PM 9/24/2002).

Interesting follow-up... Within 1 hour of calling Antec, after regular Business hours and after sending an email, Antec called US to see what was 'Up In Smoke' so to speak. After a brief and courteous discussion, we agreed on a cross ship. Antec is sending us a replacement power supply and we will return the smoked power supply within 7 days. Efficient resolution. In case anyone is interested, Antec has a 3 year Warranty whereas PC Power & Cooling has a 5 year Warranty and each has a MTBF of 80,000 and 100,000 hrs respectively.

OK we decided to get brave, the Antec True Power 430 watt Power Supply number 3 worked! We'll let you know what happened to the RMA Antec True Power 430 watt Power Supply when Antec gets back with us again. Even though the power supply sparked & smoked, Antec does show they stand behind what they sell (9/24/2002).

Although we've yet to hear from Antec regarding the reasons for this Power Supply going up in a spark, they did credit us from the RMA (12/1/2002).

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