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Report: AMD Road Show, San Antonio Texas 11/1/01

Why is AMD interested in the small system builder (us):

1)     Both Gateway and Dell have discontinued use of the AMD processor

2)     AMD is relying on the small system builder to buy its chips


The new XP processor, more transistors, more computing power, less ~ 20% power consumption, thermal diode to shut down the computer if it get’s too hot, (motherboard manufacturers are setting up their circuits to support this feature) and the new chip naming procedure, “its more than Megahertz”

AMD has changed the way they have named the new XP processors, and are getting away from the megahertz related designation.  I’m interested in performance, and rely on benchmark comparisons, it runs faster than Intel and the new XP1900 was announced and released yesterday, 11/5/01.


How to assemble a computer, the seven deadly sins:

  1. Improper centering of heat sink over processor die.

  2. Failure to remove the Mylar plastic cover on the thermal compound

  3. Leaving the thermal interface material exposed to the environment too long

  4. Reusing the thermal interface compound

  5. Leaning” on the heat sink with one hand while hooking the clip with the other

  6. Plugging the heat sink fan into the wrong connector

  7. Scraping” the motherboard with the heat sink clip (or screwdriver) during installation


Resources, recommended heat sinks, motherboards and power supplies...

AMD Athlon™ Configuration Information:


New Computer Stuff...

SLIM PC, several manufacturers are selling the smaller computer


Flat panel, LCD screen monitors, the price is dropping, and the sub $500.00 17” monitor is available.  Check out the following website for availability and current prices:   www.TigerDirect.com

By Gus Hrncir, Contributing Editor, BuildOrBuy

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